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I will advocate for your rights and get the justice you deserve!

Client Testimonials

Listen to Brian describe his journey as a client with and when he received a settlement offer from the child support agency at timestamp 14:05.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a lawyer?

No! I am NOT a lawyer. I am a legal advocate and legal abuse survivor and single mother who began legal research after my daughter was railroaded in criminal court with lies. Those lies got her committed into a state hospital. In my 8 years of legal research, I learned that the law is perfect and it works when you learn it for yourself. But the people who control the justice system are corrupt and rotten to the core. I believe in law and order and I believe that when more people learn to make the law work, we win as a society. It's literally how lawless towns were won.

What subject matter is offered for this document service?

Family Law: Child Support, Child Custody, Divorce

Contract Law: Dispute with Lawyers

Civil Law: Various Matters

Criminal Law: Various Matters

What is your success rate?

Every case is different with many variables from each individual man, woman, courthouse, county, state agency, and the attorneys involved play a role in how I handle the matter for you.

Dispute with Lawyers:

The fastest dispute resolution was a student debt claim against my client for $14,000 which was dismissed by the lawyer in 7 Days!

Arrest Warrant:

The warrant was recalled, the case was closed, and the file was updated on the court website in 5 Days!


The foreclosure case closed and the auction was canceled in 10 Days!

Child Support:

The fastest case was closed in 7 Days!

Child Custody:

The fastest case closed was when the judge ordered CPS to return the children in 1 Hour!


The fastest resolution was in 15 days!

I will do my best to get favorable results. Every case is DIFFERENT with different background details. Therefore, I say again: I can not guarantee these results. No one can. I have to emphasize that there's no guarantee of any specific outcome despite my best effort.

What's included with my purchase?

Each session includes document review, recommendations, education that empowers you to make informed decisions, legal research, document preparation, for a total of 4 hours PER SESSION.

Can I purchase more than once?

Absolutely! In fact, most cases require more than one session of document preparation.

Can you guarantee that I'll win?

No! I can only guarantee that your documents will be prepared with applicable state and federal laws that hold the moving party accountable to the law.

Will we have a meeting?

No. Everyone wants to share every painful, horrific detail of things they had to endure. But, the thing is I'm not a therapist and the main thing is my heart can't take it anymore. I know it hurts. So let's get to work to do something about it. All communication and document exchange will be handled in the portal which may or may not include a video call on an as-needed basis to discuss the case ONLY.

Will you contact people or make phone calls or send emails on my behalf?

No! I will not. However, I will provide you with the appropriate response(s) that you can communicate to the opposing party inside the portal.

Why is your fee per session?

Well, let's compare, shall we? The cost for law school is $100K plus 4 years of your life. 

Lawyers charge 10 times more for starters.

My fee is fair compensation for 10,000+ hours of legal research making my service fee exceptionally fair.

*I provided free community service for 4 years prior to offering private consultation. I currently offer free courses, other resources, and financial assistance to continue my dream of impacting and empowering 1,000,000 people with self-help legal education.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Absolutely NOT! 100% NO. This is not cookie-cutter ANYTHING. It is custom work that's intensive, tedious, and time-consuming which is the nature of legal research to resolve your legal storms. It consumes me because I will relentlessly pursue any wrongdoers for my clients and the work will begin right away. Therefore your purchase is not eligible for a refund.

This coaching is not available for purchase.


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