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I am on an unwavering mission to leave the world a better place, especially in the area of civil rights and justice for all. But here's the thing. I am NOT a lawyer. I am a single mother who became a legal researcher. I am sharing this information with you because I believe in law and order and more importantly, I believe in freedom and that we were meant to live a life abundance by our Creator.

When you enroll in my courses, you are helping me to continue supporting more people through my non-profit organization. In this way, we are partnering to make a difference in the world for more people with more resources to make it happen.

Hi, I'm Anne Smith

I'm a mother-turned legal researcher and activist who simplifies the complex world of laws.

My mission is to share what I learned to empower you. When you learn how to play the game for yourself, no one can take away that knowledge.

Cheers to your freedom and prosperity, one course at a time.