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I am on an unwavering mission to leave the world a better place, especially in the area of civil rights and justice for all. But here's the thing. I am NOT a lawyer. I am a single mother who became a legal researcher. I am sharing this information with you because I believe in law and order and more importantly, I believe in freedom and that we were meant to live a life abundance by our Creator.

When you enroll in my courses, you are helping me to continue supporting more people through my non-profit organization. In this way, we are partnering to make a difference in the world for more people with more resources to make it happen.



Debt Discharge Secrets



The cost for the course is $997 with lifetime access which you can complete in 7 days. You will be empowered to eliminate any and all debt for the rest of your life with the knowledge that no one can take away from you. That's a win-win.


Sharing my content within a circle, group, or network undermines my hard work as an activist, and it can harm the people using bootleg material. You also miss out on the valuable opportunity to network with the course community and the course creator as well as official updates. Additionally, Any and All outside networks can not provide follow-up support. This isn't conjectured airy-fairy language. I am sharing from actual personal experience. I can't tell you how many times I am contacted by people who were scammed by someone else with an unauthorized bootleg copy of my course material -- only to get their azz chewed off when they executed paperwork they didn't fully comprehend. The government representatives can identify the lack of experience and they will harrass you if you don't know how to respond to their inquiries. but this story keeps repeating itself because of the scammers and scalawags who steal my hard work. It's happened too many times to keep an accurate count. The people who contact me were completely abandoned by the azzhole with the brilliant idea to sell unauthorized copies or share my material and leave you high and dry after the sale. I pray you've been warned sufficiently to discourage this practice.


You have the right to be angry about rampant government corruption. The corruption is vast and what's worse is they fight back hard and dirty. If you think they will bow down to you just because you are right and they are wrong, you're in for a rude awakening because they don't give up that easily.

Being angry is one thing, however, don't bring that mentality into my community. Please and kindly direct that energy toward the machine, not toward activists, like myself, who are actually trying to help people to win. To attack the activist is utter foolishness and self-defeating. Please STOP. Do not participate in the pirating madness as it is hurting small organization owners like myself, who actually give a damn while simultaneously helping the very system we are trying to eradicate. Those who have that "get over" spirit is exactly why the machine continues to take advantage of people's lack of knowledge and lack of unity.


There are 430 forms of law and over 5,000,000 statutes and regulations! It is impossible for me to give you individual step-by-step instructions without repeating the entire course. You can either enroll in the course to learn how to do it yourself or you can continue roaming the interwebs for free stuff. No hybrid of the two so there's nothing in-between. 🙃


When you're ready to enroll, you get access to the community with other students with whom you can communicate, ask questions, and receive ongoing support from me directly.



Gladiators, the governmental system is a meat grinder and a conviction machine! In a rigged system, it's going to take UNITY to get things under control. So I would love for you to actively share a selfie with my book and post it on social media with your real review! Please remember to mention the book link or type it into the caption. I'm telling you when enough people know the law, the wrongdoers will receive a healthy dose of "act right", and leave us to live in peace. It's literally how the west was won.

Thank you either way. I love you. I appreciate you. Be encouraged. Be inspired, and be safe. 





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Debt Discharge Secrets


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Hi, I'm Anne Smith

I'm a mother-turned legal researcher and activist who simplifies the complex world of laws.

My mission is to share what I learned to empower you. When you learn how to play the game for yourself, no one can take away that knowledge.

Cheers to your freedom and prosperity, one course at a time.